Based in Buckinghamshire we provide cost / project management and consultancy services to clients undertaking construction projects, comprising:


  • Providing advice on project arrangements, type of contract, the appointment of other consultants, principal contractors and sub-contractors.
  • Preparing building cost estimates, cost plans etc.
  • Providing advice on tendering procedures and arrangements for contract.
  • Preparing and issuing tender documentation.
  • Receiving tenders, analysing, reporting and providing recommendations.
  • Preparing building contract and sub-contract documents for signature.
  • Providing cost advice throughout the design and construction process.
  • Providing regular reports on the anticipated final cost.
  • Drafting collateral warranty agreements.
  • Monitoring and providing reports for funding institutions.
  • Providing advice on building contract disputes and contractors'/sub-contractors’ claims.
  • Negotiation and settlement of contractors’ and sub-contractors’ final accounts.
  • Acting as Employer's Agent under Design-Build contracts.
  • Liaising with and co-ordinating other project team members, the legal team, statutory authorities etc.
  • Chairing, recording and issuing minutes for design, project and progress meetings.
  • Providing advice in respect of the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations and the role of CDM Co-ordinator.





Projects undertaken comprise (but are not restricted to) new and refurbishment work in the following sectors:


  • Private residential schemes.
  • Social Housing projects.
  • Offices, factories and commercial premises.
  • Health centres, surgeries, clinics.
  • Residential and nursing homes.
  • School & university facilities.
  • Sports clubs & leisure facilities.
  • Skills centres.
  • Demolition contracts.







P  u  l  l  e  n   A  s  s  o  c  i  a  t  e  s   (B  u  c  k  s)  L  i  m  i  t  e  d

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